sleep paralysis stories

Sleep Paralysis Stories You Won’t Believe

These are sleep paralysis stories that have been shared with us and are truly real to those who experienced them. If you want to sleep good tonight, turn back now!

Dementors are real?

I was going to college and shared a apartment with one roommate at the time. We were usually pretty good about not staying up way late, but sometimes you just have crap to do. One particular night we stayed up later and went to bed a little more tired than usual.

Early in the morning somewhere between 2-4 am I had one of the craziest sleep paralysis experiences ever. I felt as though I was waking up and felt something weird in the room. I looked over to my roommates bed to see the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life.

sleep paralysis stories

Literally imagine a dementor from Harry Potter, and that is close to what it looked like. Yes, I am referring to the evil, soul sucking, floating, spirit creature that summons bad memories and fear.

It was hovering above my roommate and seemed to be watching him sleep. As soon as I saw it, it looked at me and paralysis set in immediately. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and I tried to scream. I had dealt with sleep paralysis symptoms before and I put all my energy into waking up. It was not the paralysis that scared me.

After what felt like an eternity, I ended up fully awake and screaming. My roommate, needless to say, was rudely awakened and jumped out of bed. I flipped the lights on immediately and scared my roommate as I told him what happened.

Right now those reading this may be thinking I must have just recently watch Harry Potter or something, but I swear it wasn’t even on my mind at the time.This was the first and only time I actually saw something that crazy. My sleep paralysis often had occurred right after a scary part of a dream or nightmare. That time it felt more real, it didn’t feel like a dream. I felt like I was awake when I saw that thing.

For weeks I swore I actually had seen something real. As time goes by, however, I can’t help but to think it was just a really crazy sleep paralysis experience.

-Submitted by Jason from Calgary, AB, Canada


Old Hag in the Dorm

Our dorms were said or believed to be haunted and people often swapped and shared scary stories. I had occasional nightmares, but no more than a normal person I would say. I had experienced sleep paralysis before but I wouldn’t say that I recognized what it even was.

Anyways, I remembered I started to hear more and more rumblings about guys in the dorm having some rough nightmares. I didn’t really think much of it until I found out that there was something many of the nightmares had in common.

Guys kept talking about having dreams about an old lady that was described in many different ways. Some described her as tall and thin and others just remembered the outline of an “evil looking lady” in their rooms.

It still didn’t bother me much because many of the guys were drunk so much, it was hard to tell what was imagined and what was made up. That is until I had the absolute crap scared out of me with the scariest night of my life.

My roommate happened to be gone one night and I went to bed at probably around my usual eleven 0’clock. At some point way early in the morning I had a creepy nightmare that at some point I realized wasn’t real.


I tried to wake up because I was scared to death of something chasing me but kind of realized I was in the dream. After something grabbing me in my dream, I started to wake but froze and had symptoms of sleep paralysis. I had already had a few run ins with sleep paralysis so that wasn’t really the scary part. It was hard to explain, but I felt so freaked out and just a deep cold inside.

As my eyes focused, however, I swear I saw a old slender lady at the foot of my bed just lurking. I was trying to scream and move but the paralysis held me for a few seconds as I panicked and tried to register what was going on. I finally broke free and was fully awake, and hopped up to flip the lights on.

It shook me more than it should probably have for a 22 year old full grown man. I actually even did some google searching to try and calm my nerves, the next day, but it had the opposite effect. I ran into descriptions and stories about what people referred to as “the old hag”. That is exactly what I feel like I saw.

I feel like I am a realist and don’t usually believe in silly things like ghosts and demons. This, however, just seems so freaking weird that people throughout time have experienced such similar versions of this phenomenon. The weird thing is that I literally saw people describe the same type of experience to each other and freak out when they realized the similarities.

I don’t know whether what I saw was 100 percent real or not, but it certainly felt more real than a dream to me. I never really experienced anything like it again. If it is real, I feel like it does have an evil origin. I was obviously not harmed in anyway , but it messed with my sleep patterns for quite a while.

When you experience something like that it is more real than just ruined night sleep from a scary movie. I think it is because I feel it is real, it happened to me and others I know, and there is always the fear that it could harm me in some way.

-Story Submitted by Zach from Cleveland, OH-


Clingy Sleep Paralysis Demon

I am originally from a poor farming village in Tonga where I grew up raising animals and farmed mostly peanuts. Night time events like sleep paralysis and nightmares seemed pretty common where I came from. I don’t know if it was because we all had to work really hard to get by, and were almost always exhausted at night or what. 

Whatever it was, I had one experience that sticks out and that I will remember forever. I just remember one night having an awful dream about a young lady. In my dream I was running through my house and she kept popping out and latching on to me. She was pale, young, probably early twenties, with long black hair. I could could just feel her presence as I would break free and she would appear in a new hiding spot in front of me. It was one of the most vivid dreams that I remember having.

demon girl

At some point I woke up, but not fully I guess. I remember feeling like I was getting held down but it didn’t last long. Still terrified, as I felt fully awake, I could still feel that weird presence. It is hard to describe, but the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and I felt a weird weight on my shoulders. I got up and out of the room pretty quick because I felt so strange.

Making my way to the bathroom only I literally almost died on the spot as I glanced in the mirror. I literally saw the girl from my nightmare sitting on my shoulders. I swear and know I was awake and but she disappeared as soon as recognized her. Me flying out of that bathroom, in the process of panic, woke half my family.

Eventually I calmed down and told them the story but I don’t think they really believed me. It was hard to even sleep for quite a while. I luckily have never crossed paths with her again, but I am positive that I saw what I did. I don’t know her purpose or why she bothered me, but ever since then I have believed in demons.

-Story Submitted by Siaosi from Orem, UT-

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