Is Sleep Paralysis Demon Related?

What is a sleep paralysis demon? Do demons cause sleep paralysis? If you look back into the history of the subject you definitely see a connection. It may be due to the fact that sleep paralysis can be such a scary thing to experience. Or is it something more?

The short answer is that there are many people that believe sleep paralysis demons to be the sole cause of sleep paralysis. Then there are those who feel like demons might be real and have something to do with it. Obviously, some don’t believe in demons or the relation at all.

DID YOU KNOW: Learning to how to lucid dream can help stop sleep paralysis. Lucid dreaming is when you become aware you are dreaming, while you are still in the dream. With practice, lucid dreaming can help you better manage the control of your dreams and nightmares.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is having the sensation or experience of being aware, but not being able to move or speak, while waking or falling asleep. Sleep paralysis will occur either in the process of waking up or falling asleep.

When you sleep your muscles are normally paralyzed by your brain to protect yourself. You can experience sleep paralysis if your sleep cycles are disrupted. You literally start to become mentally aware before you are physically awake.

What Exactly are Sleep Paralysis Demons?

Pretty much everyone has heard the word. But what really is a demon. People use the word “demon” to refer to basically anything that can bother you.

For example when someone is battling drug addiction. We would say that person is battling their demons. It that sense of the word, I would say that sleep paralysis is a demon. Sleep paralysis can definitely be bothersome, and hard to deal with.

I believe the definition that is tied to sleep paralysis, however, is that of being an evil spirit. They are a force, or even an agent of evil. An evil spirit or demon is said to have the sole purpose of causing you anguish, distress, or harm. A sleep paralysis demon is believed to be one that attempts to do these things through, you guessed it, sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis demon sits on the chest of a woman while she is sleeping

Why do People link Sleep Paralysis and Demons?

If you have personal experience with sleep paralysis like me, it’s not too hard to see how people link it to demons. An individual can feel deathly terrified when it is happening.  The truth is sleep paralysis and its related demons are believed in all around the world.

Nobody really likes to feel physically paralyzed or restrained vocally. That is what exactly what most people say happens during the experience.

When you are in the moment with sleep paralysis, it is hard to understand what is going on.  Every episode can be a complete different experience. This was the case for me even after I had gone through it many times.

Sometimes it wasn’t a big deal at all. I could get my self fully awake, and moving, by trying as hard as I could to move. Other times it was a longer harder struggle. At times you can swear that someone is there watching or even holding you down.

You can be trapped with these feelings for a few seconds, but sometimes a few minutes. It really is a crazy experience, the more you think about it.

Even if you are aware and feel awake, you still have the confusion from trying to fully wake up. The fact is that it is happening as you are transition through sleep cycles.

This is where you can experience your normal dreams. People swear they see, hear or even feel a demonic presence during sleep paralysis. These hallucinations can feel so real. Consider this question however.

Have you ever had a regular dream that felt extremely real? I know I have had many good ones and bad ones that have seemed real to the end. To me it makes sense that your nerves may cause your imagination to run a little wild.



Fear of the Unknown

I also believe that the content we consume can be fuel for these hallucinations. We all know how a scary movie, or story, can negatively impact your sleep. It depends on the person, but kids seem to be more heavily impacted.

For some it was clown movies. For others it was the serial killer stories. I have even heard of people being petrified of the Teletubbies. For me it was the movie, The Sixth Sense.  

When I watched, The Sixth Sense, I remember my sleep being disrupted for days. I literally would try not walk around at night, and was afraid that I might also see dead people. After a week or so I eventually got over it. I believe we all have experienced this or know someone who has.

The point here is that the extra anxiety and stress does the brain no favors. Just think about all the crazy dreams and thoughts induced by movies. Or even a scary story shared by the campfire.

These all can so easily be exaggerated as well. The lines between straight fiction and a partial reality get thinner all the time. It can be these scary fictional things, or even a real trauma of the past that increases the load on our minds.

Stuck in the process of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, where you dream, and being awake. You can see where your mind may play a few tricks on you.

All these thoughts are coming from someone who at one point felt that demons may actually have something to do with sleep paralysis. I soon I realized that it was all in my head.

The less I worried about it, the less often it happened. I tried to reduce my stress and focus on getting better sleep. Doing these things have helped stop sleep paralysis. I do realize that for others, it is not so easy.

A Comforting Conclusion

The bottom line here is that doctors and experts agree and say that sleep paralysis is not considered dangerous. Other good news is that it also is not an absolute sign of another major health issue either.

I think the most important thing you can take from this article is this. You shouldn’t let the ideas of sleep paralysis and demons negatively affect you. If you struggle with sleep paralysis you can definitely overcome it.

-Here are some great tips – How to Stop Sleep Paralysis: 7 Great Ideas

If you overthink it and allow it to worsen your anxiety, your sleep problems can get worse too. Remember to consult your doctor as needed.


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