Sleep Paralysis, Night Terrors, Nightmares: Causes and Differences

night terror causes

Night terrors, sleep paralysis, and nightmares can be linked because they have similar symptoms and causes. However, these usually unwanted events have distinct differences. Of late, night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, have become quite common. They can sometimes mistaken for nightmares or sleep paralysis. Here’s the differences: BASIC DEFINITIONS Sleep Paralysis: Finding yourself … Read moreSleep Paralysis, Night Terrors, Nightmares: Causes and Differences

The Sleep Paralysis-Lucid Dreaming Connection

sleep paralysis lucid dreaming

The sleep paralysis-lucid dreaming connection is something to be marveled at. You see, when you’re in the sleep paralysis state, you’re at the literal gateway to consciously entering the lucid dream world. If you think about it, your entire body is asleep while your mind remains aware, something that is truly incredible. Understanding sleep paralysis … Read moreThe Sleep Paralysis-Lucid Dreaming Connection

3 Things That Make Sleep Paralysis Scary

Sleep Paralysis Scary

1. Paralysis Sleep paralysis can be a very scary experience. The main thing that makes sleep paralysis scary is probably the actual paralysis part. Sleep paralysis is literally being unable to move or speak during waking, or while drifting into sleep. If you haven’t had the experience, imagine feeling like someone is holding you down … Read more3 Things That Make Sleep Paralysis Scary

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