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10 Best Sleep Paralysis Memes

Sleep paralysis memes, of good quality, can help lighten the mood. Sleep paralysis in and of itself is not that funny, especially if you have experienced it. Our goal with these memes is to help you not take sleep paralysis as serious. Hopefully it will also reduce the fear or anxiety that it brings.

These memes will be funnier if you actually know a little about sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is not being able to move, but while having awareness while going in or out of sleep.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t move while you were trying to wake up? Maybe you have felt like you were getting held down while trying to come out of a dream. Most people have or will probably experience sleep paralysis at least once in their life.

You may hear, as well, that sleep paralysis is demon related. Many people tell stores of sleep paralysis demons that come and even hold them down during sleep paralysis.

It is suggested that fear and worry about and around sleep paralysis can make it worse. The worry and fear can make it hard for you to sleep, and in return possibly cause it to happen again.

We want to share with you some of the best sleep paralysis memes to help you laugh those worries away.

1. When it Gets Real Bad


Wait…is he right?

2. Give Them a Chance


Maybe sleep paralysis demons just want to talk

3. Guardian


Shut up and take my money

4. When the Sleep Paralysis Hits


5. Purfectly Evil


Well, I’m not sleeping tonight

6. Besties


7. Accepting it


Just don’t hog the blankets

8. Snuggles or Soul Sucking? You be the Judge


ya, soul sucks for sure

9. Grumpy Cat Always Wins


RIP Grumpy Cat

10. Put Them to Work

sleep paralysis meme

Might as well

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